How to Select Your Plastic Surgeon

Your selection of a plastic surgeon to alter a physical feature of your body is a very intimate decision. You need to find a professional who makes you feel comfortable personally and in whose skill and competence you feel confident. Whether you have already met with a plastic surgeon or are just beginning to look for one, you need to be satisfied by what you discover in these three essential areas: education, experience, and communication.
Educational Credentials for Your Plastic Surgeon
The educational background of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon should be made easily available to you both at the surgeon's office and at the surgeon's website, if one exists. Many doctors do not put their diplomas on the wall because of vanity. It is important for doctors to openly disclose and display their educational credentials.
When considering a plastic surgery California, you should also feel free to verify the educational background. This can be done fairly easily by doing an internet search for your state's medical licensing board. You would be able to verify that your potential plastic surgeon has an active medical license, and often the medical school where the plastic surgeon graduated will be listed as well – as it is at California's medical board.
The Experience of a Plastic Surgeon
Even if a plastic surgeon has excellent educational credentials, it does not mean that he or she is necessarily the right plastic surgeon for you. Specialties and expertise vary among plastic surgeons. For example, a plastic surgeon might focus on and be very accomplished in breast augmentation surgery. But if you are looking for a plastic surgeon to do a facelift, then this would not be a good match.
It is important that you ask your potential plastic surgeon what procedures he or she does most often. The plastic surgeon should be up front about areas of expertise and willing to refer you to someone else if what you need would be better done by someone else.
Communication with a Plastic Surgeon
Speaking with your plastic surgeon during a consultation is when you will discover the surgeon's interpersonal skills. You should feel that this individual is attentive and responsive to your deeply personal concerns about your body. The plastic surgeon should also answer all your questions with candor and explain the details of your desired procedure, including possible risks and recovery time. Some procedures might be a bit difficult to speak about, such as Beverly Hills breast enlargement, but your surgeon should make you feel comfortable.
Additionally, a plastic surgeon should also query you about your reasons for seeking plastic surgery. You should not be allowed to jump into a plastic surgery without thinking through your motivations. A well-informed decision on your part is in the best interests of you and the plastic surgeon.
As you search for a plastic surgeon, be sure to carefully weigh all your concerns and the skill set offered by any plastic surgeon with whom you meet.  That is what we work to provide at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery.