Travel for Plastic Surgery

Here at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery we have many patients that travel from out of town. Not only do they travel from within the United States, we have many patients that travel internationally as well.
There are several steps that we must go through to make sure the process of plastic surgery travel is safe and smooth as possible. One of the main steps is to decide if you are going to be a candidate for the surgery. Patients will send us a digital photo of the area that they have concerns about. The surgeon will take a look at these photos. We will then set up a phone consultation so you can speak directly with the medical director and ask any questions that you may have. We may ask you to see your regular doctor at home if there are any necessary lab or other tests to be done.
Once you do arrive in Los Angeles the surgeon must see you the day before we do the procedure. If you are traveling alone we will arrange for you to stay one or more nights with a nurse either in the hotel you are staying at or a specialized recovery center. We have a wide variety of hotels we use along with car services in the area. If you are traveling with a family member or friend they must stay with you the night after surgery in the hotel.
Each procedure varies in how long you will need to stay in town for. It will range anywhere between five to fourteen days. Within these five to fourteen days you will have follow-up visits with the surgeon. It will be important to not miss these follow up visits. Once you return home you may send photos of your healing process and speak to the surgeon so we remain in touch for even more than a year following your procedure.